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Helpful Tips for Fridge Foraging — the Cook by Color Method

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  1. Buy whole, real, colorful foods that are available to you and find ways to incorporate them into your day to day instead of writing grocery lists based on recipes. You’ll start building a skill set to use what you have, instead of fretting about what you don’t. The enclosed lists have tips on buying things that
    are versatile and hearty.
  2. First question to ask yourself is not “what sounds good/ what do I feel like” but it is “what fresh stuff needs to get used now? What fresh stuff is about to go bad?” It’s a beautiful challenge that may be uncomfortable, but it will help you think creatively, reduce waste, and empower you to do things to help the collective good – like staying put and making do!
  3. Once you have those things that need to get used – be it individual components, leftovers, perishables – operate on a first in first out basis. If it’s older or rougher looking, use it first. If it can hold out for the next meal, let it do so while you use the things that won’t.
  4. You can almost always cut around mold/ bruises/ imperfections/ mushy spots on produce. Don’t throw out the entire thing without inspecting the viability of the parts.
  5. If you’re sick to death of a certain type of leftover, you can usually freeze it for a moment that you will be grateful for in the future and use something else.
  6. You CAN, and you WILL. I believe in you! If you’re stuck, ALWAYS feel free to screenshot what you have and tag me @cookbycolor and I’ll help you piece it together.

Things you can freeze for the future:

  1. Meat and seafood (raw) that has not been previously frozen! Make sure you’re buying fresh when possible so you can package smaller and freeze.
  2. Soups, stews, and cooked proteins.
  3. Lunch meat packages of turkey, roast beef that are well sealed.
  4. Most vegetables – some may require blanching. Check the National Center for Home Food Preservation for specifics.
  5. Many fruits – banana, berries, cherries, mango, melon, papaya and many more.
  6. Broth, tomato paste, herbs in olive oil, garlic in olive oil, lemon/lime zest and any juice *freeze these items in ice cube trays.
  7. French toast, pancakes, tortillas, bread.