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Let’S CELEBRATE this ColorFULLife

Join Stephanie -- a Whole30 Certified Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, and the Owner of Cook By Color (CBC) Nutrition on a 6-week guided adventure through the September Whole30

Limited spots are available to ensure robust support

Join the September Whole30 CBC Community

Check out the game plan below, and don’t hesitate to send over any questions!


THIS GROUP IS DESIGNED for those of us who are “richly scheduled” to renew and re energize, preparing to tackle the end of the year, vibrantly.  Because, the truth is, you can’t continue to give your best if you’re getting through by using sugar, caffeine and wine to wind up or down as needed.

LIFE WON’T SLOW DOWN, and you’re likely already operating on overdrive. It’s hard not to be. You’re probably giving nonstop to your family, friends, job…sound familiar?  Although there is likely little leftover for yourself, you’re ‘doing ok’ and are geared up to do it all again tomorrow.

SEPTEMBER IS PERFECT to step into a new routine where you fuel yourself with good food, positive energy, and a healthy reset to support your goals and needs. Whole30 is about health gain, and honestly who couldn’t stand to gain a little health?

CBC PROVEN STRATEGIES will help you eat ColorFULLY without studying cookbooks, meal plans, recipes and enduring overwhelm.

I EMPOWER YOU to have confidence to get in the kitchen and whip up something beautiful using what you have.

LET’S SIMPLIFY this Whole30 with life skills like ingredient prep vs. meal prep, making something out of nothing, and using the seasonal bounty to create delicious, memorable food without the stress of recipe rules. 

WE’RE IN IT TOGETHER because accountability and support are everything. With my experience, resources, and community you’ll have everything you need to win.

THIS EXHILARATING WIN will spill into all the aspects of your life. It’ll prove to you that you’re capable of hard things. I really want that empowerment for you. Don’t you?

TAKE GOOD CARE of yourself — and you can care better for everyone else, too.

You'll eat well for life.  Don’t mistake simple for basic – I will teach you to make simple food with flavor, spice, and color! This will create space for healthy, happy family meals and set the stage for good habits.

OK…here are the goods. Feel free to email me with any questions!



  • Prep week will begin on Monday, August 26th
    8/26 All resources will be emailed + you’ll gain access to FB group. 

  • Our Whole30 will begin on Monday, September 2nd
    and end on Tuesday, October 1

  • Guided reintroduction will start on Wednesday, October 2nd

  • Final Day of reintroduction will be Saturday, October 12th


Email-a-Day to keep you from strayin’


You will get an email a day for the Whole30 days which will cover:

  • What you may be feeling on this day

  • Inspirational insight from someone badass

  • A seasonal ingredient you’ll find at the market this month // why it supports your health and vibrancy // how you might prepare it simply

  • ColorFULLife comprehension: A tiny tip to keep in mind for the day that’ll help improve digestion, increase mindfulness, or take a small step towards food freedom


Cook by Color Office Hours

  • 2 CALL TIMES/ WEEK, times to be determined

  • CONNECT FACE TO FACE to change the pace. Online is great, but I want to see your beautiful face

  • AMA - DROP IN and ask me anything during office hours

  • MEET AND GREET others in the group, connect, and collaborate on any great recipes, tips, and ideas


Private FaceBook Group

Now, I love Instagram as my primary platform but Facebook is just better set up for groups. I understand if you aren’t into Facebook, but for the purposes of this community group I suggest you make a fake account and join us anyway. We need you to make our community whole! 

In the group you’ll get:

  • ASK ME ANYTHING, anytime. Others can chime in, but I will give you a thoughtful answer within 1 day

  • FB LIVES with an awesome Whole30 guru each week – TRUST ME, you’re going to want to get in on these exclusive lives with Question and Answers with some Whole30 superstars

  • FB LIVE with me doing an interactive Weekly Fridge Forage where YOU will help me make magic happen in the kitchen from seemingly random ingredients


Welcome Packet with everything you need (and nothing you don’t):


Informed Consent Contract
My Whole30 Commitment Contact with Myself 
W30 Health Notices Form
Letter of intent to your PCP
W30 Rules, explicitly spelled out
The Rules, the nuanced 
W30 Map Timeline map of emotions
W30 Meal time map
W30 Guide to Sneaky Sugars
W30 Guide to Additives
W30 Meal Template
W30 Non Scale Victories
W30 Seasonal Produce Guide
W30 Shopping list (general)
W30 Grocery Guide
W30 Pantry Stocking Guide
W30 Dining out Guide 
W30 Reintroduction How-To
CBC Top 10 tips for a successful reset

CBC – How to Cook By Color
CBC Shop the Grocery Sales Guide
CBC Costco List
CBC Trader Joes List
CBC Thrive Market List
CBC Pantry List
CBC Freezer Stash
CBC Curated Discount Codes to try ALL the things
CBC How to talk to your family about the W30 
CBC 10 Free Ways to ‘treat yourself’ without food
CBC 10 Paid Ways to ‘treat yourself’ without food
CBC Quick and Dirty Breakfasts
CBC Quick and Dirty Lunches
CBC Quick and Dirty Dinners
CBC Date Night Guide
CBC BACS Guide How to (big ass colorful salad)
CBC Salad Dressing Cheat Sheet
CBC Compliant Recipe Swaps
CBC Reintroduction Template


“W30” indicates these resources are available online, now, for free at


JOIN the September Whole30 CookbyColor Community.

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