Whole30 January Support Group

Whole30 January Support Group

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The CookbyColor Whole30 January Support group costs $175 per person, or $150 each if you join with a friend!

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Let’s Cook by Color and CELEBRATE this ColorFULLife we’re living. 

Life isn’t going to slow down, and you’re likely already operating on overdrive. You’re probably giving nonstop to your family, friends, job…sound familiar?  Although there is little leftover for yourself, you’re ‘doing ok’ and are geared up to do it all over tomorrow.  This group is designed for those of us who are “richly scheduled” to renew and reenergize, preparing to tackle the end of the year, vibrantly.  Because, the truth is, you can’t continue to give if you’re getting through by using sugar, caffeine and wine to wind up or down as needed.  

January is the PERFECT time to step into a new routine where you fuel yourself with good food, positive energy, and a healthy reset to support your goals and needs. Whole30 is about health gain, and honestly who couldn’t stand to gain a little health? My proven strategies will help you eat ColorFULLY without studying cookbooks, meal plans, recipes and enduring overwhelm. 

I empower people to have confidence to get in the kitchen and whip up something beautiful using what you have. I’m here to simplify this Whole30 with life skills like ingredient prep vs. meal prep, making something out of nothing, and using seasonal bounty to create delicious, memorable food without the stress of recipe rules.  While I can’t do it FOR you, I am here to do it WITH you and accountability and support are everything. With my experience, resources, and community you’ll have everything you need to win. It’s so empowering to complete a reset, feel your absolute best and get that Whole30 healthy glow. It’ll spill into all the aspects of your life, and I really want that for you. Don’t you?

When you’re well cared for, you can care better for everyone around you. Your family will love the food too, and you’re creating space for healthy, happy family meals that’ll set the stage for good habits. Don’t mistake simple for basic – I will teach you to make simple food with flavor, spice, and color! Life simplified, Life in color. You'll eat well for life.