Hi Friends!  

Some things of note:  This is not a sprint, this is a slow, and mindful transition. This is an exhaustive list of things I have found over many years.  This is in no way a "starter" set.   You do not need to have everything here to make high quality food.  My suggestion is to replace things with these high quality items as you run out of what you use currently.    

Though these links run your purchase through my amazon affiliate association, the cost to you is the same.   If you do have prime, and don't feel like hunting things down this is a great way to go.  If you can find them more affordably elsewhere, I highly encourage it.   I am happy to answer any questions, please send me an email .  

Avocado oil_250.png

High Heat Bae

This delicious cold pressed, minimally processed monounsaturated oil is a favorite to sauté or stir fry at high temps.  Neutral flavor makes it a great alternative to coconut oil for many applications.

Coconut oil 250.png

Coconut Oil Forevvvver

Virgin Coconut oil is so versatile.  Cook with it at high temps for a delicious plant based saturated fat.  This size is great to divvy up into smaller pots and use in the bathroom and even in the bedroom ;)

Kasandrinos Organic.png

Cold Pressed EVOO

Cold pressed oils are free from weird toxic practices that infuse the oils with harmful solvents.  Dark colored bottles ensure that the delicate nature of these monounsaturated oils is in tact. Use this to dress salads or as a finishing oil. 

Barleans Flax Oil.png

Get those Omega 3's

This is an incredible tasting source of Essential Omega 3 fatty acids.  Cold pressed, pure flax seed oil supports your bodies ability to anti-inflame.

BLue Line 900.png

Sesame Butter (basically)

Tahini is sesame butter. You can use this to make dressings, hummus, dips, spreads and more.  This brand is particularly great because it is made in a facility without other allergens, and it is made traditionally - grinding the sesame seeds by stone, without the use of machinery and solvents which denature the oils.  


Sesame Oil

A little goes a long way, add it into your marinades or towards the end of cooking your stir fry- this oil packs a huge flavor punch.

100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow

This is a nutrient dense saturated cooking fat to use for high heat cooking.  It is mild in flavor, and carries the same rich profile as butter- but without the dairy.  Anything that calls for ghee gets swapped out for this instead at my house. 

cocnut manna_single_v2.png

Coconut Manna

This has replaced any kind of nut butter in my life.  I'm obsessed with it, and you'll soon know why.  It is naturally sweet, rich and full of healthy saturated fat. Put it on fruit, or in between layers of Pascha chocolate for a homemade coconut butter cup that is everything.

Hemp Hearts.png

Hemp Seeds

These little tiny seeds pack a big nutritional punch.  They are rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid- a necessary component for your body to build the anti inflammatory hormone type substance called prostaglandins.  Hemp milk is my favorite milk alternative, no soaking required.

raw cashews.png

Raw Organic Cashews

Snack on them raw, or top salads or stir fry's with them- they add crunch and a rich nutty flavor to your life.  I make vegan cheese using these, and it is magic.

Sea Sanx.png

Salty Sea Snax

Kali and I finish these packs off quicker than I'd like to admit.  They are perfect for scooping, rolling, and vesseling any number of delicious creations. The key with this brand is that they do not use any weird funky fillers or oils- seaweed, olive oil and salt.  Also check out the larger nori sheets- perfect for burrito-ing.


Sweet Date

These are nature's candy, and pack a serious sugar rush, so proceed with caution. Just one little date packs a hugely nutrient dense daily profile of fiber, potassium, magnesium and B6.  Perfect to add a pinch of sweet to your homemade dairy free milk, or to treat yourself by drizzling in coconut butter.  Great to balance acidity in dressings, marinades and sauces. 

BLue Line 900.png
Pascha Orgaicy_175.png

Holy Chocolate 

This stuff is as pure as it gets.  No soy, no sugar, no vanilla.  Just 100% Cacao mass.  Its strong, and bold and the perfect building block to create homemade keto cups. You can add your own preferred sweetener (Monk Fruit Sweetener) and flavor (almond) to create something perfect for your tastes and objectives.


Chomp on Chomps!

I can't tell you how delicious these are- you really have to try for yourself.  Love picking up the original flavor at Trader Joe's- but our household favorite is Cranberry!  I have to be honest with you guys. Even though I stay true to my values and won't ever yuck your yum, Epic bars and many other portable meat snacks are just NOT my bag, baby. Chomps sticks have great ingredients, flavors and the texture is on POINT.  

Jacksons seasalt chips_175.png

Favorite Potato Chip

Even though life is all about moderation, I do not have a moderation setting when it comes to some of these snacks.  Made with coconut oil, salt, potatoes, AND LOVE- this family business created an entirely new way to cook these chips without denaturing the oil.  Low and slow kettle cooked potato chips with no junk ingredients from their families to ours.  For those indulgent moments- snack on these instead of their hydrogenated and toxic counterparts. 


Jilz Crackerz

It was love at first cracker.  You know how much I love to entertain?  Now that I've gotten the best fancy AF grain free crackers and the hang of making diary free cheese, (Thanks to Vegan Cheese by Jules Aron) I am all over the dairy free, grain free but on-point cheese platter.  No deprivation over here, thank you very much.

BLue Line 900.png
Almond Crackers.png

Almond Flour Crackers

These are also incredible and serve a different purpose in my house.  These are the grain free 'saltine' substitute- great for enjoying with soups, stews and scooping up dips.  I highly recommend the sea salt flavor, not too fond of the other flavors. 


Siete Snack

Salty Snacks, Yes please!  These are good for a clean (corn free) chip made with avocado oil. for all your dipping needs.  I personally, am not into the other flavors, we stick with the sea salt.

Siets tortillas.png

Let's Taco 'Bout It

Learning to love and embrace the lettuce wrap, collarito (collad wrapped burrito) and coconut wrap is essential (and easy IMO). But, sometimes you just need a legit taco.  Don't deprive yourself, because eating in this way isn't sustainable if you do. Buy the tortilla, make the taco, and enjoy every minute.

coconut wrapspng

Speaking of Wraps

Wrap it uppppp.  These are super high quality, and really satisfying for those same cravings.  No, it's not bread- but it is bomb.  AF.

BLue Line 900.png
Coconut tortialla chips.png

Coconut Tortilla Chips

Last salty snack, I promise.  These are way cheaper at select Whole Foods.  They are DELICIOUS.  Super thick, and crunchy and perfect to satisfy a nacho craving?



This organic magic powder dusts most of my food.  It's salty, slightly crunchy and full of umami power for all things from eggs to stir fry.


ACV for DOF (digestion on fleek, duh)

Wake up that stomach acid first thing in the morning with a few tsp's in your water. Unless you are hard and can swig it straight- which I NO can do. Kudos to you, friend. This is also clutch in your broth for breaking down those bones and releasing the minerals and nutrients.  

Cocnut cups.png

Coconut Cups

These little bad boys are dangerous, in the best possible way, of course.  If you are going to indulge- this is the way to go and they are my favorite movie theatre purse snack.

BLue Line 900.png
coc aminos.png

That GOOD good

This saucy, sweet, earthy, umami mother-of-goodness is essential in your gluten free pantry.  This brand is the best, IMO.  It is thicker and more flavorful than the brand you'll find in stores.

Fish Sauce.png

Fish Sauce

Get over your aversion to the strong smell and buy it (unless you are allergic to fish, of course.) It will up the flavor ante in anything. I use it in my stocks, stews, soups, stir fry's and anything else saucy and savory that starts with an "s". 

SStarter spices.png

Spice up your life

This collection will give you everything you need to get going in the kitchen.  The small size will be great to be introduced to various flavors and profiles, without committing much space (or too many funds) to a full sized bottle.  I can't wait to help you get better acquainted, and more comfortable mixing, matching and blending these to help support your health gaining journey!

Collagen Peptides.png

Powerful Peptides

This stuff is tasteless, odorless, and a really powerful supplement. Mix it into your water, coffee, broth, tea...anything liquid.  It has done wonders to help me heal and seal my leaky gut- because a girl can't drink bone broth all day erryday.  This is a great way to help rebuild the integrity of your intestinal lining.

BLue Line 900.png
SSt Dalfour apricot.png

100 % Fruit Preserves

I love having this on hand to make an awesome (refined sugar free) sweet and sour sauce, or any kind of fruit based marinade or simmering sauce. This is also delicious in peanut butter and jelly fat balls.     

Real Salt.png

Keeping it Real

TBH I just copied and pasted it from their website, because I couldn't say it better myself- but I will add that it tastes damned good. .  Real Salt is the only brand of sea salt harvested from an ancient, pristine ocean near Redmond, Utah. We bring it to you exactly as nature created it – unrefined, ancient sea salt with a complete blend of minerals and a subtle, sweet flavor unlike any salt on earth. 

Casava FLour.png

Grain Free Baking Necessity

The best ONE flour to have in your pantry. 


Gelatin Jiggles

This is great to make egg free deserts because this will act like a binder in many recipes.  It is also fantastic supplement to add to soups, broths, smoothies, and essential for making gut healthy gummies! 

BLue Line 900.png


You do not need fancy frills to make that good good.  It can make things easier, and more enjoyable for the long haul.  Every trades(wo)man needs tools- and these are mine.  

Columbian Chamba Cookware

This cookware is my favorite.  It is all hand crafted by Columbian artisans.  The families of La Chamba have been producing this non-toxic clay earthenware for over 700 years in the same manner.  It cooks super evenly, retains heat beautifully and is equal parts cookware and serve ware.  Gorgeous and timeless, this is what I used on the daily in my kitchen.

Bamix to the Rescue

This is my preferred brand of stick blender. My Oma insisted on buying me this brand for my wedding because she had been gifted one 60 years ago. She claims had she not misplaced it, it would still be working.  Good enough for me!   

Home Chef Knife

I love this knife.  I've since invested in a few other brands- but this is a trusty go-to home knife.

No need to slurp, just sip!

These straws are clutch for your plastic free drink consumption game.  Stick it in your iced coffee, tea or smoothie for a conscious culture alternative to disposable.  


This tool is a mainstay- I use it nearly everyday. Sweet smoothies, savory soups and sexy sauces - there is literally NOTHING this beautiful baby can't do. 

Nesting Bowls

Super practical, and functional- glass bowls are a must have in your home kitchen. 

Chop Chop Chop

Wood Chopping boards are the safest for food safety, and knife safety. They also make wonderful serving trays for appetizers. 

Glass Tupperware

Glass Tupperware is crucial for storing and reheating your meal prep.  You can stick these in the oven, making it both a storage and serving vessel in one.  

This is THE One

This is the best spiralizer on the market, and trust me I've tried them all. Don't cheap out on this because you can trust this design to take on projects such as butternut squash noodles- which might take off a finger on the other models.  

Silicone Reusable Baking Cups (BPA Free)

Perfect for brothscicles, egg muffins, chocolate coconut butter cups, and a million and one more things- I use these on a regular basis. 

Store all the things like a BOSS

These are ideal for all your stashing needs.  I use them for everything from snacks, prepped ingredients, and securing travel toiletries. In my effort to reduce my personal plastic use, these have become indispensable in my kitchen.  They have a new half gallon size and it perfect for marinading all the goods.    

Everything Storage

These wide mouth ball canning jars are incredible for holding anything from dressings, to broth and beyond.  I also stick freshly picked flowers in them, because why not?

The Hype is Real

You could go with a fancier model, but this trusty girl does all the good tricks.  

Hold Your Salt

You are learning to be active in the kitchen- and part of that means activating your senses. Touch your salt, taste your food and learn how to have a hands-on approach to nourishing yourself.  

Preserve, Dehydrate, Repeat

This machine is incredible if you want to preserve food.  I make all sorts of vegetable /fruit leathers/crackers, along with drying herbs, fruits and vegetables.  

Measure your progress

These will help set your standards as you learn how to improvise and wing it a little in your kitchen.