Sexy Thanksgiving Salad


I make this for thanksgiving, and while EVERYTHING on the table is various shades of brown, this is a KNOCK OUT. All eyes gravitate towards this. Anyway, I give thanks for beautiful food, so it fit in perfectly. ⁣

Sexy Thanksgiving Salad

Ingredients: (adjust according to desired servings)⁣
10 cups of mixed greens⁣
1 bulb of fennel, thinly sliced ⁣
2 large avocados (ripe, but not over-ripe to arrange beautifully).⁣
1 large pomegranate, deseeded⁣
Dress salad with preferred dressing. I am an ALWAYS and forever fan of extra virgin olive oil and good quality balsamic vinegar. A salad this delicious doesn’t need much to shine. ⁣

LAYER ingredients as shown. Dress and toss salad (after you snap a shot and tag @cookbycolor #cookbycolor).

GIVE thanks! <3 <3 <3 ⁣