Homemade Chicken Brothsicles


Stephanie here to convince you to make your own broth! People always tell me they’re afraid to do it wrong, and it breaks my heart. I make it different every time and like ALL of them better than the way I was taught in culinary school. There is no ‘right’ way. Let’s do the thing!⁣

Broth is a timeless tradition and was the main focus in the first restaurants in France. “Restaurant” actually comes from restorative which was how these meat broths were advertised. ⁣See? Not everything that is trendy is a fad, and this one is rooted in centuries of practice across the world. ⁣
You’ll use it to make quick soups, have a cuppa, sauté steam vegetables w/o oil, flavor braised meats, deglaze pans and heal whatever ails you. ⁣

It is as healing to make as it is to eat – slow down and try it sometime J. You’ll appreciate the process of respecting and using the whole animal, and not wasting what can be used in order to buy broth and create more waste.⁣ It feels good, I promise.

Also pictured are elements that don’t take much effort but make a world of difference when adding them to weeknight cooking. ⁣Fresh herbs quickly transform from ordinary to extraordinary. Roasted garlic: Mindless to make, packs all the flavor. I much prefer to raw garlic. Caramelized onions: Zamnnn they’re delicious. Flavorful addition to meal prep during the week. Garlic/onion recipes are in the comments. ⁣

Chicken Brothsicles (6 Qt Instant Pot or slow cooker)⁣

3 Pounds of chicken bones (if you can hang, chicken feet and necks make for the best broth)⁣
2 Carrots⁣
2 Stalks Celery⁣
1 Onion⁣
2 Cloves Garlic⁣
2 Inches of Fresh Ginger sliced.⁣
1 Inch of fresh turmeric (optional)⁣
1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp. @redboatfishsauce
1 Bay Leaf⁣

ADD herbs- thyme, rosemary, oregano - all delicious! Parsley/cilantro later wont make it bitter.⁣

ADD water to the 6 quart instant pot max line for either pressure or slow cooking.⁣

SET it on manual pressure setting, seal for approximately 2 hours. Or cook in your slow cooker setting 12-24 hours. ⁣

RELEASE pressure.⁣


POUR the broth into ice cube trays, freeze! Voila!