Hi Friends!  

Some things of note:  This is not a sprint, this is a slow, and mindful transition. This is an exhaustive list of things I have found over many years.  This is in no way a "starter" set.   You do not need to have everything here to make high quality food.  My suggestion is to replace things with these high quality items as you run out of what you use currently.    

Though these links run your purchase through my amazon affiliate association, the cost to you is the same.   If you do have prime, and don't feel like hunting things down this is a great way to go.  If you can find them more affordably elsewhere, I highly encourage it.   I am happy to answer any questions, please send me an email.   


You do not need fancy frills to make that good good.  It can make things easier, and more enjoyable for the long haul.  Every trades(wo)man needs tools- and these are mine.



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