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Chomps Save The Day

Chomps Save The Day and keep hanger (hunger + anger) at bay! Chomps meat sticks are our favorite hangry ‘first aid kit.’ They are the quickest and tastiest way to keep your day fueled and on-track. Available in over 16,000 retailers (find one near you), they are easy to come by and the variety of flavors keep you satisfied. Ok, ok, so how do they save your day?

Whether you’re doing a Whole30 or not, Chomps is logistically the best snack to pack in your everyday life. They are high quality, protein packed, shelf stable, and super flavorful. Especially during Whole30, snack options are limited, and these fit the bill in every scenario. Chomps use free range turkey and grass-fed beef and are free of the top eight allergens which makes these super accessible!

During Whole30 you can eat a Chomps solo as a ‘mini meal’ as it has both high quality protein and healthy fats. You can also pair Chomps with a piece of fruit for added carbohydrate to complete the trio of macronutrients giving you energy and keep you satiated between meals on the go. Oftentimes I will stash Chomps and a bag of cashews or almonds as they are shelf stable for the car stash and add a little crunch!

If you have a kid OR are just a particularly snacky individual, you’ll know that snack requests are continuous. They seem to always amplify when you’re on the go without access to your kitchen. School pick up, errands, or even, say, 2 minutes after the kids eat lunch.

Chomps are always within arm’s reach as we stock the stroller, nursery, diaper bag, purse, car, camper, lunch box, cooler, snow gear…well, I think you get the picture. They’re everywhere.  At least one per family member in every stash.

We stock up a variety at Thrive Market for the family. You’ll have to discover your favorites. I go for Sea Salt Beef, Italian Beef, and Original Beef. Nick loves the Venison and the Jalapeño, while Talus sticks to Original or Sea Salt.  

10 examples of how Chomps Save The Day and keep hanger at bay!

1. Car Chomps for traffic, weather delays, or when your errands take longer than expected.

2. Lunch box Chomps will save you when you don’t have protein ready for a kiddo’s lunch box.

3. Desk Chomps will save you when meetings run long, or you forget your lunch.

4. Gym bag Chomps will keep your energy high pre- or post-workout with a perfect portable protein.

5. Adventure Chomps saves your outdoor explorations – for hiking, biking, or snow sports.

6. School pick up Chomps will save your afternoon from hangry kid tantrums.

7. Pre-Grocery store Chomps will save you from buying things just because you were hungry.

8. Nursery Chomps will save you when you’re hungry and nap-trapped by a sweet baby.

9. Stroller Chomps will save you when you’re on a walk, or at the park and everyone is hungry.

10.Pantry Chomps will save mealtime if you don’t have groceries, adding protein to go with odds and ends.

I’ve been a loyal fan since 2016. It’s my not-so-secret Whole30 super star for keeping hanger at bay in the car and on the go as my emergency protein. My husband Nick brings one to work every single day – flavor will vary on his mood, and my son Talus eats a ‘meat stick’ post nap every day – almost always ‘the blue one’ aka sea salt.

January 18, 2022
February 7, 2022