Welcome! I'm happy to have you here.

I'm Stephanie- Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Natural Chef , and Real Food Advocate. 


What is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

An NTP is trained to clinically evaluate your individual dietary and lifestyle needs using a holistic approach.  We use many evaluative tools to analyze what your bio individual needs are- and speak to them using food as medicine and supplements as aid.  It is my life passion to help you gain health.  I walk the road to wellness with you by empowering and enableling you to nourish yourself with nutrient dense, real food for real, busy, everyday life. 

What is a Natural Chef? 

My formal culinary training is in progress- though it often lends itself to restaurant fare, which doesn't fit the food paradigm I subscribe to.   I supplement the work I've done in culinary courses with research, home study and endless experimentation based on the classical ratios and concepts I study in class.  Please check out the 'Instagram' tab to see my work.    

Why do I identify as a Real Food Advocate? 

Our society has gotten so lost when it comes to real food.  People value foods of convenience over quality of food- and I am here to advocate for the importance of high quality, properly prepared, nutrient dense-fare.  I also want to express that food doesn't have to be either convenient or ideal; but it can absolutely be both.  There is room for moderation and flexibility, and everyone's happy medium is unique.